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/ July 18, 2018

Meeting the needs of members

A good quality pension scheme can be a key employee retention tool writes Brian McGarry. The pace of the Irish economic recovery has been quite startling. From a position just five years ago where commentators were talking bleakly about a...

/ July 18, 2018

Delivering now and for the future

Reducing consumption is the only sustainable way to reduce bills in the long run according to Bord Gáis Energy Head of Retail Mark Prentice. BARRY McCALL reports. Mark Prentice finds himself in an unusual position. He is head of retail...

/ July 17, 2018

Bitcoin deconstructed

BARRY MCCALL looks at the phenomenon that is bitcoin and asks is it more shadow than substance Students of the financial market are all too aware of the “tulip mania” which gripped The Netherlands in the 17th century. In a...

/ July 15, 2018

Renewables driving global deal flow

Total mergers and acquisitions deal value in the power and renewables sector is running at the highest level in almost a decade, according to a new report from PwC. And this upward trend is set to continue for the foreseeable...

/ July 13, 2018

Naturally Driven

Founded 70 years ago to provide energy security to the fledgling Republic of Ireland, Bord na Mona pioneered the mechanised harvesting of peat from the country’s bog lands, but now the company is leading the way in sustainable technology, particularly...

/ July 11, 2018

A question of engagement

Pension scheme member engagement requires a multi-channel, multimedia, multi-disciplinary approach according to Gerry Winters. There is no one size fits all approach to pension scheme member engagement. Every member is different. They are at different life and career stages, have...

/ July 9, 2018

Smurfit revisited

Dr Michael Smurfit’s legacy is secure. As he prepares to celebrate his 80th birthday, Ireland’s most consistently successful business leader can reflect on a career that saw him transform a small family-owned box-maker into Ireland’s first global leader in its...

/ June 25, 2018

Managing the intensity of the workplace

An “always available” culture breeds a variety of dysfunctional behaviours. BY ERIN REID AND LAKSHMI RAMARAJAN Tales of time-hungry organisations—from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and from London to Hong Kong—abound. Managers routinely overload their subordinates, contact them outside of...

/ June 14, 2018

Green Motoring ….. coming to a road near you

Just like a famous public transport company BRIAN BYRNE finds that we are finally getting there when it comes to sustainable motoring. There’s been a push on green motoring for a decade or so, partly as a response to the...

/ June 13, 2018