Month: May 2019

Whitney Johnson

Build an A Team

The secret to having an engaged and productive workforce is to have a master plan for developing employees at all stages of the learning curve. That’s the key message from leading US author and consultant Whitney Johnson. On a recent...

/ May 22, 2019

Plugging the BLACK HOLE

The National Children’s Hospital is just the latest in a long line of public capital projects to suffer from a massive cost overrun. BARRY MCCALL asks what can be done to prevent this happening in future. The maxim about those...

/ May 9, 2019

A question of engagement

Pension scheme member engagement requires a multi-channel, multimedia, multi-disciplinary approach according to Gerry Winters. There is no one size fits all approach to pension scheme member engagement. Every member is different. They are at different life and career stages, have...

/ May 1, 2019