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Whitney Johnson

Build an A Team

The secret to having an engaged and productive workforce is to have a master plan for developing employees at all stages of the learning curve. That’s the key message from leading US author and consultant Whitney Johnson. On a recent...

/ August 30, 2019

Smurfit revisited

Dr Michael Smurfit’s legacy is secure. As he prepares to celebrate his 80th birthday, Ireland’s most consistently successful business leader can reflect on a career that saw him transform a small family-owned box-maker into Ireland’s first global leader in its...

/ August 15, 2019

Empowerment over compliance

Netwatch CEO David Walsh has guided the security monitoring company from its beginnings as a two-person start-up in Carlow 2003 to becoming Ireland’s latest multinational. He speaks to BARRY McCALL about the key role culture has played in the company’s...

/ July 19, 2019